Musical Theatre Review                ★★★★

“Natasha Sutton Williams oozes talent... Startling, edgy and impressive performance.”  

Broadway World                              ★★★★

“Authentic and unexpected comedy… Laugh-out-loud funny.” 

The Reviews Hub                            ★★★★

“If you want to spend an hour of your night belly laughing then you’ll be well catered for.”

London Theatre 1                           ★★★★

“An amusing and charmingly chaotic production.”

Female Arts                                     ★★★★

“We flip flop from tiny mice squeaking over eating peoples anuses to a furious lesbian diatribe, and it all works! I laughed out loud the entire way through and could have happily watched another hour of this work.”

Ginger Wig & Strolling Man          ★★★★

“This show was filled with gags, outrage, and lots of cocaine... Be sure to check it out!”

London Calling          

“Hysterical one-woman show… fearlessly over the top.”


“Giddy feminist twist that tears down this ‘father of sexuality’ from his plinth and entertainingly bares all.”

Boyz Magazine          

“Magic and madness combined.”

British Theatre Guide

“There is a manic energy to Sutton-Williams comic performance as Sigmund Freud."

UK Theatre Network

“Sutton-Williams delivers a veritable tour-de-force and had many members of the audience in stitches.”

Playhouse Pickings

“The audience is carried along by the fearless enthusiasm of Sutton-Williams with some lovely moments of light and shade creating some big laughs.”

London City Nights

“Impressive songs and the fearless way the piece strides into questionable territory, mark this as a performance to remember. It's ambitious, bold and a bit mad.”