Determine invites the audience to take control of a toy box world and play bingo with the life of its sole occupant: Koe. Guided by Cault, the warden and narrator, the audience directs the direction of the play, enjoying mastery over their human puppet. 

Choosing the action from a diminishing set of options, they whittle down Koe’s choices, helping or hindering her as she tries to escape the limitations of her constricted life. Each turn uncovers more details of a lost life: How did Koe end up in this room? Is she a prisoner or patent; a victim or perpetrator?

Merging elements of live art and theatre Determine is a choose you own adventure style theatrical experience about the nature of freewill. The sinister narrator encourages active participation from the audience, guiding them through the process of directing the story by choosing the protagonist’s actions.

For anyone who has ever suspected their thoughts may not be their own, that someone else might be directing their actions, for people who have bumped against their own limits, Determine gives you the agony and joy of control.

Cast and crew:

Koe was played by Reetta Honkakoski

Cault was played by Tom Richards

Written Directed and Produced by Bern Roche Farrelly of Working Birthday

With Special thanks to Jamie Harper of Hobo Theatre

Software developed by Kahoot Studios

Determine was originally performed at The Yard Theatre, London in April 2014.

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