A One Woman Show about Sex, Madness and Medicine

Based on the true-life account of Sigmund Freud’s cocaine abuse this comedy gleefully annihilates the father of modern psychology in a flurry of cross-dressing and dick jokes.
Unrecognised and approaching middle age Sigmund is drowning in debt, crippled by cocaine and surrounded by madness. Worse yet, his best ideas come from Oedipussy: an imaginary cat-woman who encourages Sigmund to simply listen to his clients between insulting them and taking their money. Watch as this neurotic mess transforms into Freud: the intellectual colossus and father of modern psychology.
Natasha Sutton Williams gives a fearless performance, playing all the characters including the bombastic and desperately addicted Freud and his patients: the raging lesbian Dora, the anal Rat Man and Little Hans, the original Freudian motherfucker.
Music is provided by a live piano accompaniest and a soundscape of looped voices is created live each night. The score features thirteen original tunes, including maybe the finest song ever written about sticking rats up your anus.